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andrew webb

andrew webb

Andrew Webb is a rare breed amongst todays fine artists. His style harks back to a bygone era. Andrews paintings are superbly crafted to depict the boundless majesty of the sea and the brave souls who tried to rule it.

Many artists are inspired by the sea, its changing moods and the savagery of the battles it hosted. These events changed the history of the world. Few artists however reach the exquisite standards of Andrew Webb.

Born in London (UK) in 1964 Andrews passion for nautical paintings was encouraged by visits to the local docks with his Bristol born seafaring  grandfather. His passion for painting was yet to be unearthed Рindeed Andrew spent ten years in the engineering industry before finally discovering his vocation in life.

Entirely self taught Andrew has gained an enviable reputation in recent years.

All of his artwork is hand painted (there are no prints available). He has been particularly lauded for his nautical paintings (although he occasionally paints landscapes and figurative works with equal aplomb).

Andrew favours oil as a medium (but has dabbled in watercolor the odd occasion). His attention to detail and draughtsmanship has earned him many plaudits but it is the atmosphere in his work which leaves onlookers marvelling open mouthed. His seascape paintings inspire many.

webb original canvas1

On one of his more placid paintings you can almost taste the salty air rolling off the canvas. Likewise, your nostrils  become engulfed with the acrid black smoke billowing like a furnace from a vessels raging fire. Andrew Webb takes the viewer to another world.

He has exhibited to widespread critical acclaim and he is now able to name his own price.

Depending on the size of the painting works start from $2000 (12 inches x 16) up to $26,000 (34 inches x 48).

Andrew travels widely to find inspiration for his work. He enjoys the south of France where he furiously sketches and drafts ideas for forthcoming paintings.

He has also found great success in southern Spain. He hopes to run a painting masterclass based in Puerto Banus harbor (Malaga) in summer 2010 (prices start at $1300 for 2 days).

A private man, Andrew is married to Clare and has two daughters. He is thrilled that his seascape paintings bring pleasure to so many.